What is Bodylastics All About?

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Bodylastics is a home exercise gym that uses resistance bands. It claims to duplicate any exercise available in a gym environment, starts at a modest cost of $44.95 for beginning and casual exercise enthusiasts, and travels well with its 14 square inch carrying bag. Bodylastics offers three guarantees. The following examines the system in more detail with a look at its history, what is included in the basic package, how it works, support for creating a specific exercise, and the three guarantees.  

History of Bodylastics:  

Bodylastics was designed in 1996 by Blake Kassel when he was a certified personal trainer at the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM). Blake is currently the president of Bodylastics International Inc. 

The initial system based on tubing resistance training for arms and legs quickly evolved into a full body workout system with the addition of the Quick Clip System.   This addition allows for fast tubing attachment, but more importantly allows the use of multiple tubes, which increases resistance to duplicate comparable gym and home gym weight system levels. This is what gives the present Bodylastics its trademark flexibility and control. The bands can be attached to any closing door via the door anchors, ankle straps, and handles.   

Shortly after its inception, Bodylastics was written about in publications as a system that could replace both the various home gyms and the health clubs. Publications included: The New York Times, New York Post, Muscle&Fitness, Delta Sky, New Woman, Woman’s World, Fitness, Prevention, Essence, Men’s Exercise, Flex Magazine, Self, Jane.  

What is included in the basic Bodylastics package?  

-Four resistance bands: Use up to four bands at a time to create additional weight resistance via the quick clip system – maximum is 88 pounds, 44 per side.          

Yellow           5 – 6 pounds.          

Green           7.5 – 8.5 pounds          

Red               10.5 – 12 pounds          

Blue              15-18 pounds  

-Door anchor

-User Book  

-Carrying bag (14 sq. inches)  

-DVD (additional charge of $5.00)  

What makes Bodylastics work?  

The elastic tubing, the quick clip system, and the door anchor combine to give a multitude of alternative exercises to duplicate a gym-like setting.  

-Elastic tubing. The heart of the exercise is the elastic tubing and its various resistance levels. Unlike other bands, this tubing will not loosen over time, and it is extremely light which means easy storage and portability.  

-The Quick Clip System. To provide a wide range of exercises and resistance levels, clips are affixed to each of the bands that can in turn be affixed to ankle straps and handles. Which level of resistance band (there are 4 different levels in the basic package) is used and what combinations of bands are affixed determines the weight resistance of each exercise. These clips are a vital piece of the package and endure a lot of strain. Therefore, they are made of metal for long-lasting and high-level resistance durability rather than plastic.  

-The door anchor. Close the door over the nylon loop included in the package and make sure the foam piece is on the other side. Now you are set to clip any band, or bands, to the loop. You can vary the exercise depending upon where the anchor is located on the door. The top of the door creates a cable pull while the bottom of the door creates an ankle pull. The door anchor has been designed to not leave any damage on the door.  

How to create a particular exercise  

To duplicate any exercise you have been doing on gym equipment, or to create a new exercise, simply refer to the included manual. For reinforcement, you may want to invest an additional $5.00 to obtain a DVD.  

The Bodylastics three guarantees  

– 100% satisfaction with your health and fitness after regular use of Bodylastics for a period of six weeks.   

– Visible results to not only you, but also everyone else after six weeks usage.  

– Lifetime warranty for defects. Bodylastics will replace any damaged products for free within the first 90 days. Subsequently, any damaged product can be replaced for a cost of $5.95 including shipping and handling.  

In summary, Bodylastics may be new to some, but it has been around since 1996, certainly not a “fly by night” system. It has been written about in some very prominent publications. Bodylastics offers a starting package for as little as $44.95, duplicates gym and health club weight training systems, can be used and taken anywhere with its light weight and compact packaging, and gives the purchaser comfort with its three guarantees.

Source by Tom Buck

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